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ArtPride is the voice of New Jersey’s arts community. As the state’s largest arts service and advocacy organization, we work to preserve funding and advance policies that invest in the arts across all sectors. The vital research we furnish promotes the public value of the arts as fundamental to creating neighborhoods where people want to live, work, visit, and raise a family. Our award-winning audience development programs connect the public to what’s going on in our state’s arts scene and help increase attendance. The services we provide keep the field up-to-date on industry trends and foster collaboration among our hundreds of member organizations. 

Widely viewed as the go-to source for research, innovative programs and services, and high-impact advocacy, we are proud to support the work of our vibrant creative community. 

We are actively monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic's impact on our arts community. Read more about recommendations and resources for the field, including details on how to join our next webinar. 


Voices from the Field

Sharing the Stories of Healthcare Workers through Paper Made from Scrubs
Frontline Arts connects and builds communities through the socially-engaging arts practices of papermaking and printmaking, namely through Frontline Paper, where veterans make handmade paper from...
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Your Three-Step, Uncomplicated Formula For a More Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Workplace
(Or, How I Rapidly Implemented DEI at a Predominately White Institution In My Role as Its First Leader of Color)   TRUTH BOMB: making your company DEI-friendly is NOT as hard as everyone...
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Zimmerli Responds to Community Needs with "Arts at Home/Artes en Casa"
The end of the school year brought to a close to a time unlike any other. Like all of our peers, when the shutdown came, the Zimmerli Art Museum at Rutgers had to unexpectedly pivot major programs,...
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Art and Love, Our Infinite Power
Anyone who knows me, knows that I breathe art. Not just through the paintings and drawings I love to make. It is in the frequencies I listen to; the words I write in 100 journals; random...
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The Artists, the Teachers, the Dreamers: A Pandemic Journey
The pandemic: an ever-growing entity in our world that we continue to learn about. In many ways, it's unpredictable and something we read about day in and day out on social media posts, blogs...
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Action Alerts

Ask your legislators to support arts, history, and tourism appropriations levels proposed in the FY21 NJ State Budget
The New Jersey state budget will be voted on September 25, leaving less than a month for advocates to remind their state legislators that public funding proposed for arts, history, and tourism is critical to these industries. Their vote of support is essential.

Normally, arts organizations generate more than $662 million in economic impact and serve 8.5 million residents and visitor each year. However, arts organizations around New Jersey are currently engaging audiences in a dramatically different “new normal,” which translates into greatly reduced revenue from extremely limited live audiences and virtual offerings.

State funding is needed to keep the nonprofit arts industry...
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Thank Governor Murphy for Maintaining the Level of Arts, History, and Tourism Appropriations in FY21 Budget
On August 25 Governor Murphy proposed the revised FY21 NJ State Budget and maintained the appropriations he proposed back in February for arts, history, and tourism.

It is important to thank Governor Murphy for recognizing the value of arts, history, and tourism to our state’s recovery from the pandemic, and to the lives of New Jersey residents and visitors.

An important part of any advocacy effort is to say thank you when your voice is heard. Please take a moment to send this note of gratitude to the Governor, re-emphasizing how important arts, history, and tourism is to life in our great state.
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Support Performing Arts Venues
Theatres around the country, even in states spared significant COVID-19 outbreaks, have been obliged to remain “dark” for months. But until there’s a widely-available vaccine, the possibility of a resurgence remains—and that possibility has had a devastating impact on performing arts venues. 

While the Senate continues to debate the next phase of stimulus support, it is critical to keep this vital industry alive until all theatres can safely open their doors. 

Will you sign our petition to support performing arts venues in New Jersey and throughout our nation? Click here for the full text of the letter that encourages New Jersey Senators to support...
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Federal Action to Support Arts in COVID Relief
Americans for the Arts and the Arts Action Fund are standing up for the arts in America during COVID-19!

YOU can make a difference by taking action. Request your members of Congress include substantial additional dedicated COVID-19 relief funding—to be administered by the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), and Institute of Museum and Library Services—to help offset the losses of the nonprofit arts industry.
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