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ArtPride is the voice of New Jersey’s arts community. As the state’s largest arts service and advocacy organization, we work to preserve funding and advance policies that invest in the arts across all sectors. The vital research we furnish promotes the public value of the arts as fundamental to creating neighborhoods where people want to live, work, visit, and raise a family. Our award-winning audience development programs connect the public to what’s going on in our state’s arts scene and help increase attendance. The services we provide keep the field up-to-date on industry trends and foster collaboration among our hundreds of member organizations. 

Widely viewed as the go-to source for research, innovative programs and services, and high-impact advocacy, we are proud to support the work of our vibrant creative community. 


Voices from the Field

Teaching Artist Certificate Now Available Through NJPAC and Rutgers University-Newark Collaboration
As we exit the all-too-short Teacher Appreciation Week, it is only fitting that we continue to honor educators by highlighting the work of the New Jersey Performing Arts Center’s Arts Education...
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On the Hill: NJ Arts Advocacy Day
Once every year, New Jersey arts advocates collectively descend upon Washington D.C, barring those dark times of the pandemic that so many of us try to forget, in order to educate their...
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Speranza Brings Hope to Jersey City
“Speranza” means “hope” and whether or not you were prepared for an Italian lesson today, you’ve gotten one! The Italian word was adopted as the name and calling card for Speranza Theatre...
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Exploring 'The Universe of Ben Jones'
Casey Mathern, Ben Jones, and Midori Yoshimoto, during the reception of the Universe of Ben Jones exhibition at the William Paterson University Galleries, September 2023. Photo: Andy Liu. Ben...
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Icon of Advocacy: Ann Marie Miller Shares Her Most Iconic Moments With ArtPride NJ
In a journey that started in 1995, Ann Marie Miller, Former Director of Advocacy & Public Policy, has been a longtime advocate for New Jersey’s arts and culture community. She’s...
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Action Alerts

Support the Continued Post-Covid Recovery of the Arts Sector
The arts and cultural sector is a crucial industry that contributes significantly to our economy and the quality of life of the state’s residents. But it is still struggling to recover from the impacts of the pandemic. Organizations are still at risk of closing and vital community programs are in danger of being cut. Please urge your elected officials to support the passage of S2016/A3584 to provide as much as $70M in American Rescue Plan funds for the continued recovery of the sector. In addition to helping organizations recoup lost revenue, the bill would also support the expansion and creation of arts education programs, as well as fund creative placemaking projects to beautify...
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Support the Arts Education for All Act
Encourage your member of Congress to support and cosponsor the Arts Education for All Act, introduced by Representatives Suzanne Bonamici (D-OR), Chellie Pingree (D-ME), and Teresa Leger Fernandez (D-NM). Representative Bonamici, the lead sponsor,  and top champion of arts in education and equitable access to these critical services

The Arts Education for All Act is the broadest arts education policy bill ever introduced in Congress and includes key provisions that will support and encourage the offering of arts education and programming experiences to Americans including our youngest learners, K-12 students, and young people impacted by the...
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