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Jersey Arts Member Program

Jersey Arts MembershipJersey Arts Membership

Our 50,000+ Jersey Arts Members make up a pool of active arts patrons that we connect with eligible theaters, museums, and arts centers in the Jersey Arts Marketers (JAM) network. Through, email communications, social media, and direct mail, we keep your audiences in the loop.

Ticket Discounts

Throughout the Jersey Arts Membership program's history, we have historically worked with local arts organizations to offer event discounts to our members. These have included "2-for-1" and "50% off" deals.

This member benefit has been suspended as organizations cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. If and when organizations are able to extend these discounts to Jersey Arts Members again, we will facilitate the sharing of that information.

Premium Offers

Our higher-level premium offers have enjoyed other special offers, including pre-sale offers, flash sales, invited dress rehearsals, talkback sessions, and access to any existing subscriber events you'd like to extend to our members.

This member benefit has been temporarily suspended as organizations cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. If and when organizations are able to extend Premium Offers to our members again, we will be the first to let you know.


Member EventsMember Events

Over the years, we have partnered with many organizations in our JAM network to host exclusive Member Parties for Premium Members in conjunction with a show or exhibition. These events combine group ticket discounts with a networking reception and an enrichment component for our patrons. 

ArtPride’s staff works closely with the partnering organization to coordinate the reception and enrichment piece, which varies greatly from event to event, and establish a price. Tickets are then sold exclusively through to our members. These events typically range in size from 20-50 members each.

This member benefit has been suspended during the pandemic. Please stay tuned as we look for future member event opportunities.